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Request for quotation of Gradient Thermal Cycler

                                                                                                                                                                                             No. Micro/708


                                                                                          QUOTATION NOTICE

Certified that quotation documents for the purchase of Gradient Thermal Cycler is uploaded on today i.e. 08.06.2015 at Dept. of Microbiology, Panjab University website remained open till last dated 25.06.2015.

Quotations are invited for the following instrument to be purchased in the DBT sponsored project

1. Gradient Thermal Cycler

Specifications :

·         The thermal cycler must be gradient.

·         It should be based on peltier effect technology with block for 96 x0.2 ml PCR tubes, 96-well plate and 0.2 ml PCR tube strips.

·         The Thermal Cycler should have heated inner lid to prevent evaporation and condensation.

·         Temperature Control Range 4°C - 99°C or better.


·         Block homogeneity ±0.5°c or better.

·         Ramping speed should be 4°C or better.

·         System should have gradient capability with gradient range 0-30°C

·         Gradient accuracy should be ±0.5°C or better.

·         Temperature differential range should be 1-25°C.


·         The system has facility to pause a running protocol temporarily and in case of power failure it should automatically resume the run with a warning message.

·         The system should have memory for minimum 500 onboard programs, provision to use USB memory stick for unlimited.

·         The system should have touch screen operation.

·         Power Supply – 220/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

·         Confirmation to CE certification.

Essential Accessories:-

1.   Vertical Gel Electrophoresis complete system capable of running 2 mini gels (8X8 cm approx.) at a time. It should be upgradable upto 4 gel system and it is able to run approx. 12-15 samples at a time. The same tank should be used as western blot transfer system. The system should be CE Certified.

2.     Foam pads, cooling pack and at least 50 blotting papers should be provided.

3.     Nitrocellulose Membrane, 3 meter Roll, 0.2 micron,

4.      Electroporation Cuvettes, 2mm gap, 50/Pk

5.      Desalting Columns, 7 MWCO, 5 ml, 50/pk

6.      IPTG, 10gm.

Terms and conditions:

1.     Warranty: Three Years after installation.

2.     Prices to be quoted FOR

3.     Quotations should be sent with 2% EMD by DD in the name of Dr. Prince Sharma, PI, DBT Project, returnable at the time of installation.

4.     Send quotations by registered post only.

Quotations should reach the undersigned latest by June 25, 2015



Prof. Prince Sharma

Principal Investigator, DBT Project Department of Microbiology Sector 25

Panjab University Chandigarh 160014

  Dated: 08/06/2015
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